Balloon Man

The balloon man
With helium-filled
Quirky designs
Much like life
Twisted, tied
Waiting to float
Into azure skies
Alas! The master holds
The strings tight!


Music, herself
Plays mystical tunes
The cosmos sways
To sounds unknown
Our Earth moves
On strings so taut
Each motion a melody
Each step a waltz
In this rhythm
Only a willing soul
Hears the message
Of seeking silence
When in discord


Let me defy the vagaries of timeMake my own rules, let me defineWhat it takes to be true to the selfRemake, reimagine, seek, and delveIn just whoever I want to be;Not what this world decrees!


Find me the peaceOf pure innocenceFree me from shacklesLet me sense miraclesUnleash the inner childConjour faces in a cloudMarvel at a shimmery bugWhisper to a tiny birdPlay with a grass bladeCount stars in night’s paradeLet my soul revel in nature;A haven for every creature!