What had happened was
Giggles over a picnic spread
Thick layers of marmalade
Stacks of thin crepes
Trickles of blueberry
Glasses of lemonade
Under the mulberry tree
Just dreams of summer
Stained with myriad colors
As in the winter sun I lay
Thinking of you and all
That you just left behind!


On a Sunday morning
A summer-perfumed breeze
Rocks the hammock
A book cover gazes
Vacantly at azure skies
A fly lazily sits on the rim
Of an empty flute of nectar
Thoughts doze off embracing
An idyllic disregard
For chores and such
Until a mundane morrow


In the fleeting darkness
Only dreams survive
On the chariot of dawn
That rises from the ashes
Of a horizon in cinders
Lost to the dying lights
Of lonely burning skies!
The dark broom of night
Sweeps away stardust
From under the canopy
Of a dazzling firmament
Slowly lost in the distance


I thought I’d survive without you
But I couldn’t say goodbye
For the words lay tangled
At your doorstep
Afraid to cross the threshold
Into a life where you
Would not be waiting
At sundown, by the yellow lamp
A book in hand, the kettle whistling
Eager to tell and know
Of just another mundane day

Matters of the heart

It was a strong heart
But feather light it floated
Buoyed by dreams, hopes
Reaching the sky so blue;
Tie it firmly with icy strings
Till the cold permeates
Freezes that tender love
For warm and flush
It tends to bleed red
Staining all the world!


In the hourglass of the mind
Thoughts weighing us down
Settle like silica at the bottom
Casting psychedelic shadows
On the fragile glass walls
That hold the soul captive
In the kaleidoscope of
Silver-laced desires
Golden-tinted visions
Slowly trickling through
Narrow passages of life
Until all that remains are
Fantasies and fairytales
Forever trapped in time!


The glorious orb of life
Has disappeared behind
The smog of callous living
Heavy smoke stings the eyes
Blinding haze separates us,
A dying earth consumes much
As ashes rain, acids scald
Green is now breathless gray
Blue has long lost its blaze
Brown is the barren land
There are no pathless woods
Where one can escape
From gassed urban prisons;
We know not were to go
No cresting foliage of respite;
Just black gloom sneaking in
From the recesses of our minds

Book Release: Comeback, a collection of poems (coauthored)

Comeback is a compilation of poems on the theme of bouncing back from a dire circumstance to regain a former favorable condition. The book features some of my poems on the theme.

Metaverse: Enter at your peril

The threat is not from artificial intelligence but from our eroding intelligence. Aldous Huxley’s Soma is in our veins; it’s the digital dopamine. George Orwell’s exposition of mind-reading state surveillance and propaganda is larger than we can ever imagine. Every data, every bit and byte, is leaving indelible digital footprints. Dystopian fiction is no more fiction.


Darkness, in your embrace
I shed all my worldly woes
Like the skin of a snake
For you, my wounded healer
Whisper to me of spells
From the bowels of hell.
Goodness is long dead
To survive the death knell
You entreat me to beckon
Pettiness, slithering slyness
Throbbing deep within, now
Spilling on to slippery slopes.
Clutch on to the last straws
Don a mask and carry on
For in life only those thrive
Who enjoy the masquerade.