#NaPoWriMo #GloPoWriMo Day 4

Book cover of Das unheimliche by Felix Schloemp Buch

Darkness whispered to me
Secrets from the ghastly depths
A smirk on her lips
A spectre of disdain
She laughed at my troubles
Amused at my failures.

“I saw it die a thousand deaths
Ages ago it heaved its last breath
Goodness is a cadaver
Goodwill a misnomer
It’s the time of the Black Serpent
Slithering on slippery slopes
In and out of its slimy scales;
Let me teach you the spells
From the bowels of hell
To charm Beings of the Night
For they are all that survived.”

I embrace the inky silhouette,
“My dark friend, I heed your advice.”
I summon them from within
Pettiness, dishonesty, slyness –
Throbbing, waiting to be spawned
I befriend the shady shadows
Blind like the bats betrothed
To deepest caverns and gallows
They tell me how to don a mask,
This masquerade I join with pride,
Of the deceitful who have thrived.

Poetry inspired by the book cover of Das unheimliche by Felix Schloemp Buch. Munich: Georg Mueller, 1914.

Just life

#MMPoetryBattle prompt is: AMALGAM⚔️

The sun melts into the horizon
Amalgam of light and darkness
Where the lines are blurred
Between paradise and hell
Consumed by the ocean
Glitter hues of golden days
Now wrapped in tempests
Bellowing over troubled waters
Such is life – Moments of delight
Washed away by turbulent tides

Also features on #MMPoetryBattle week of Aug 12 highlights, with a couple of different words to meet the Tweet character limit:


Sometimes I wrap myself in
A gloomy blanket of thoughts
For what else can I do
When I cannot shed this
Heaviness of doubt, anxious bouts
That creep into my silence
Smothering me with disdain
Like a languorous python;
I lay in the darkness,
Wondering what I did to gain
This onerous companion
Crushing me from the inside

Cold stones

#FromOneLine 183

Let’s go back to the caves
Bury our screams in silence
Discard our deadly weapons
In the deepest darkness
For they fill us with bravado
So false, instill us with prowess
So misguided, that our world
Slowly crumbles around us
Just stones, as cold as our hearts


In the fleeting darkness
Only dreams survive
On the chariot of dawn
That rises from the ashes
Of a horizon in cinders
Lost to the dying lights
Of lonely burning skies!
The dark broom of night
Sweeps away stardust
From under the canopy
Of a dazzling firmament
Slowly lost in the distance

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