Men Gone!

The face of fear stands exposedIn the cowering silence so boldPossessed with the burdenOf a dying, decaying world:Rotten rivers and furrowed mud,Fallen trees and yellowed fields!Last of the spirits must now leave,Poisoned by the air they breathe.Howling waves and the silver moonShed crystal tears on a barren EarthSo bony white, eroded to the coreMen gone;Continue reading “Men Gone!”


Flesh and bones lie in a heapMen, women, children weep!Bloodthirsty, the weapons they wieldRemorse none for their sinful deedNor shame, or dread, or fear deepHow long this power will they keep?Remind them how the tides swellListen carefully to the death knell;When evil prevails, dark forces abideAnguished voices fail to subsideKarma watches, records does keepSeeds theyContinue reading “Retribution”