Let the clouds unveilDesirous fiestas in blueIn delicious azure huesLet me savor summerShining through dewdropsCover myself in crystalsPouring from the skiesIndulge in the petrichorCapture the essenceOf rain-soaked colorsBurnt umber in the glareOf the monsoon sunFor August is here;Can autumn be far behind?

Scrumptious Orange Evenings

When a parched Delhi was craving to embrace rain clouds, the evenings were aglow in anticipation. Ramit Mitra of Delhi by Foot (DBF) adventures, shared this photograph of the city skyline with a comment that Delhi evenings are becoming beautiful again. The orange was endearing enough to make me write a verse. Rain-laden cloudsIn aContinue reading “Scrumptious Orange Evenings”

Fallen from the Map

Some day they will wonderWhere did all the people go?With their dreams and deedsNow rust and patina buried deepEntangled in moss and frothWas it life incompleteOr how it was meant to be?They find a tiffin box withRemnants of a mealA torn cloth – a shroud or veilWho will tell?Buried under the turmoilA lost city ofContinue reading “Fallen from the Map”

Brilliant Strokes

Ansh has showcased his work in 43 exhibitions. His paintings have found global affection with more than 400 of his acrylic paintings adorning the homes of patrons in India, Canada, German, Dubai and Hong Kong. He has been featured in newspapers and regularly participates in art competititions.

Wings of a Human

If I could flyWhat feathers to adorn;A tint of pearlA hint of zirconFragment of an angelSliver of the DevilShades of springDepths of autumnSilver of a dandelionGold blush of dawnIntricately wovenAs wings of a humanTo cross the far horizon!

Digital Overdrive

I am hurrying through lifeNo chance to stop and waitTo see moments unfurlRelaxed, laid back, pacedFor there is alwaysNew series to binge watchBook review before the launchStory, poem, Insta delightTwitter wars, WhatsApp fightLive now on Facebook groupsClubhouse, Discord, Spaces, tooArts, crafts, podcasts, videosContent overload, daily doseClutter, noise, brimming chaosPushing, pulling, stretching voidBetween the real andContinue reading “Digital Overdrive”

City Dreams

Far away blows
A song in the winds
In a small town I left
For big city dreams.
Now, I rub stinging eyes
To see lyrics float
In the foul smoke!
I can only hope
After the requiem
Behind this curtain
Of stale, putrid air
Vistas I have known
Still manage to survive
Sodden, gray, yet alive.