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In the mood for some tender winter ❄️ poetry that brings some warmth? Read them here:

Prompt for the month of January relates to Janus the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, time, duality, gateways, and endings. It encourages poets to explore the duality of time past and time forward from now.

I am so glad that both my submissions are featured in the wildfire words ezine January 2022 issue. This is the first poetry acceptance of the year and I hope the streak continues. Please read and encourage the poets and imagists.

wildfire words shares new poetry from all over the world, whether from fresh poetic voices or established poets. The ezine selects poetry for publication mainly through competitions and themed submission windows.


#FromOneLine 146

Those who leave with words unsaid
Stir up longings, buried yet not dead
For one can only wait and wonder
How their world was ripped asunder
Songs of love, once carefree, wild
Now broken chords, when lyrics died

Newer Gods

Spoken myths tell
The truth of fallen worlds
Apocalyptic disasters
Sealed in Time’s capsule
An open Pandora’s box
Blows the last storm
In our hapless faces
We kneel in obeisance
When darkness unfolds
For we brazenly ignored
All our History ever told
In human laments and curses
Newer Gods are born


Do not tarry for tomorrow
Dwell not on the clamor
Of those loud yesterdays;
Time’s hands in tandem
Hold us strictly to ransom
To make the most of today.

Shed the anxiety
Of another tomorrow
Let go of the
Worries of today
Fear only the
Whispers of yesterday
With the unfailing power
To haunt each living day


Today, I wrote two poems on the Jan 7 @QuillandCrow #crowcalls #prompt Lucifer

Jan 7 QuillandCrow #crowcalls #prompt Lucifer


Crumbling skin
As the acid burns
Face, neck, heart
Singed dreams
Excruciating screams
Reach the skies
It is the day
When angels cry
And Lucifer decries
Such lowly treachery

*Acid attack on women for vengeance is a sad reality in India in both rural and urban setups.


We search for an
Uninhabited world
Where seeds of Lucifer
Perish, rotting in the mud
With not a chance
To become the arsenic
That ruined our Earth!

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