It was a rainy day when I heard
Tears of a fairy in the rustling leaves
Glistening droplets sliding gently
From flamboyant Gulmohar petals
Taking the fire and fury of summer
Into the arms of autumn-in-waiting

September Rain


In the wild skies
Clouds play
An orchestra of thunder
Under the arc lights
Winds clap
Its show time, folks
As azure turns to rain



Let the clouds unveil
Desirous fiestas in blue
In delicious azure hues
Let me savor summer
Shining through dewdrops
Cover myself in crystals
Pouring from the skies
Indulge in the petrichor
Capture the essence
Of rain-soaked colors
Burnt umber in the glare
Of the monsoon sun
For August is here;
Can autumn be far behind?


When lightning strikes
Mountains disintegrate
Into a million pebbles;
Amidst stone crumbles
And broken boulders
Our miserable souls
Ruminate the futility
Of seeking permanence
In an unsteady world


Addicted to chaos
I enjoy the rumblings
Of thunder hounds
Gathering in the horizon
Promise of a storm
In the dark clouds;
The Devil howls
A clarion call
For rain to descend;
In torrents, in the slush
I am one with the anguish
Of nature, flooding
Drifting, breaking

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