Candlelight dreams

#LoveLetters prompt 12/18

On the yonder hilltop
A cottage enveloped
In silver sheets of rain
Carrying the prickly touch
And the aroma of pine trees
I sit by the window
Feeling the drops graze
Dusty tiles on the roof
An open book in hand
I nestle in the lap
Of candlelight dreams
As time comes to a halt!

Climate change

#FromOneLine 208

The rain never stopped
We stood there, parched
Under the diamond-dripping trees
We thirsted and craved
Yet, the Gods only gave
Richest hues, crystal shimmers
Crafted under the glaze
Of the brilliant, bursting sun rays
Showering us with such treasures
That stabbed our crumbling backs


It was a rainy day when I heard
Tears of a fairy in the rustling leaves
Glistening droplets sliding gently
From flamboyant Gulmohar petals
Taking the fire and fury of summer
Into the arms of autumn-in-waiting

September Rain


In the wild skies
Clouds play
An orchestra of thunder
Under the arc lights
Winds clap
Its show time, folks
As azure turns to rain



Let the clouds unveil
Desirous fiestas in blue
In delicious azure hues
Let me savor summer
Shining through dewdrops
Cover myself in crystals
Pouring from the skies
Indulge in the petrichor
Capture the essence
Of rain-soaked colors
Burnt umber in the glare
Of the monsoon sun
For August is here;
Can autumn be far behind?

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