#SenseWrds is a #writing #prompt that challenges the #writer to not include the given prompt words. Here is my take on the three words – flickering, abandoned, and gate. #VisualArt is generated using Wombo Dream AI.

#SenseWrds 551 #WritingPrompt

There is a portal
Betwixt now and tomorrow
It beckons me with flashes
Of inspiration and aspiration
I want to cross-over
I want to proceed
Where visions of triumph
Are truer than ever will be
Then, I catch the glimmer
Stand still and wonder
What black hole allures me!

Candlelight dreams

#LoveLetters prompt 12/18

On the yonder hilltop
A cottage enveloped
In silver sheets of rain
Carrying the prickly touch
And the aroma of pine trees
I sit by the window
Feeling the drops graze
Dusty tiles on the roof
An open book in hand
I nestle in the lap
Of candlelight dreams
As time comes to a halt!

Winter blog posts for WriteFluence

It’s the time to revisit Christmas memories. Sharing three blog posts I wrote for the #WriteFluence #blog, last year.

Blue Pen Strokes

I participated in the @WriteFluence December Blog and Win challenge by penning down 3 blog posts overflowing with Christmas nostalgia and personal experiences.

Do read, comment, and vote for all three. I am sure you will enjoy the reading experience:

This season, take away the winter blues

Christmas cards – Can we revive the tradition?

The Aroma of Christmas

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