In the golden creases
On your forehead
In silver laugh lines
Shines a love for life
Replayed in luminuous eyes
The sonorous murmurs
Of a cosmos, brimming
With vigor eons ago;
Today, its chest heaves
With the weight of leaves
Of a beige autumn in tow


It was a rainy day when I heard
Tears of a fairy in the rustling leaves
Glistening droplets sliding gently
From flamboyant Gulmohar petals
Taking the fire and fury of summer
Into the arms of autumn-in-waiting

Autumnal Breeze

There is a sweetness
In the bronzed days
It is Nature’s scent
In honey-tinted tresses
Auburn sprinkle of cinnamon
Ginger, molasses of her skin
She treads on truant sunrays
With crunch of dry oak leaves
And golden whispers of seasons
Caresses me with faint touches
Of an orange autumnal breeze


Hear the unspoken words
Of September-in-waiting
Cradling melancholy in its heart
Weighed down with the task
Of bidding farewell to summer

Wings of a Human

Wings of a Human

If I could fly
What feathers to adorn;
A tint of pearl
A hint of zircon
Fragment of an angel
Sliver of the Devil
Shades of spring
Depths of autumn
Silver of a dandelion
Gold blush of dawn
Intricately woven
As wings of a human
To cross the far horizon!

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