Green shoots

#NaPoWriMo #GloPoWriMo Day 1

Neil Munro. Gilian the Dreamer, His Fancy, His Love and Adventure. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1899. Cover by Thomas Watson Ball

The dried twig that lay still
At my doorstep is not dead yet
It has sprouted green wings;
The cracks in the sidewalk
May hide magical abodes
For I spied tendrils of a beanstalk.

Burdened by daily chores
It takes a moment to see
Hope arrives in the strangest ways
In a message bottle,
Washed ashore
Or in a heart,
Just weary of being sore.

Poetry inspired by the book cover designed by Thomas Watson Ball for Gilian, the Dreamer, His Fancy, His Love and Adventure by Neil Munro. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1899.

Unseeing Spring

A row of red and white Dahlia

I sat there on the iron bench
Amidst the large concrete pots
Overflowing with seasonal flowers
The evening sun shone
On my tired face; for a moment
I looked up from my phone
Pausing the search for a cab
And the frantic need to be home

All around me, I could see
Hunched shoulders, quick footfall
Towards the exit gate.
And what for?
To run away from the fatigue
Of a hectic day at work
Or to rush into another con call
With an unending to-do list

I sat there rooted in silence
Aware of the breathing
Of the weary and their worry
I wondered where all this leads;
Why we never stopped to see
The radiant blooms of Spring –
Wilting sooner than ever
In the heat of our distress

Magenta and white flower bed


For @TopTweetTuesday, a poem on the power of transitions, inspired by the bright #Gulmohar trees that are now competing with the hot summer sun in India.

Wrapped in muslin
Gentle dreams lie so still
Spreading over eyelids
Like a subtle touch of lace
Vast longings, latent until
Caressed by time and destiny
Fresh buds unfold in glory
Of spring in bloom, and
All hopes glow crimson
As petals of the Gulmohar
Ablaze in the glare of summer!

Spring Equinox

Inhale the fragrance
Of spring in abundance
An extravaganza of blooms
Poppies, tulips, and lilies
Invading coarse sidewalks
Boughs are laden with
The promise of fruits
Casting spells of hope
On a talisman of petals
Gently pulsating with life

Wings of a Human

Wings of a Human

If I could fly
What feathers to adorn;
A tint of pearl
A hint of zircon
Fragment of an angel
Sliver of the Devil
Shades of spring
Depths of autumn
Silver of a dandelion
Gold blush of dawn
Intricately woven
As wings of a human
To cross the far horizon!

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