Cherry Trees

#NaPoWriMo #GloPoWriMo Day 28

Book cover for Edmund Gosse. In Russet and Silver

I gazed at the lavish sprays
Swaying in the distance
Our car raised dust trails
Leaving them behind us
I wanted to see them close,
The tender sakura
In a baby pink posy
Yet we drove past
For we didn’t have time
To halt and admire
Radiant blooms of spring

Already in the autumn
Of our weary existence
We were afraid
That a few moments wait
Would keep us delayed
So, we zipped past them;
I held on to that memory
Of blossoms of cherry –
Delicate crystal baubles
On boughs laden heavily,
To turn them into poetry.

Poetry inspired by the book cover for Edmund Gosse. In Russet and Silver. Chicago: Stone & Kimball, 1894 — Source.

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