#FromOneLine #prompt 183

I’ve got something in my pocket
Tiny glass orbs
Colors of the kaleidoscope
Crinkly toffee wrappers
A dried leaf
A crumpled petal
A rock so smooth
A broken pencil
A wish that the sun stays
On the horizon, for a bit more
So that childhood can play
Just a tad longer


For @TopTweetTuesday, a poem on the power of transitions, inspired by the bright #Gulmohar trees that are now competing with the hot summer sun in India.

Wrapped in muslin
Gentle dreams lie so still
Spreading over eyelids
Like a subtle touch of lace
Vast longings, latent until
Caressed by time and destiny
Fresh buds unfold in glory
Of spring in bloom, and
All hopes glow crimson
As petals of the Gulmohar
Ablaze in the glare of summer!

A poet’s mind

For @TopTweetTuesday, I decipher the #poetic #mind

Unsaid expressions shroud
A poet’s clamorous mind;
Floating paper clouds
On which words abound
As dark specks of starlings
Hungry for raindrops
On cotton candy canvas
Verses sprayed in pastels
Songs flutter as festoons
In the distant summer
Or cuddle under afghans
Wary of an icy winter

This poem was well received by the writing community:

The Scent

#FromOneLine 179

The scent absorbed me
I permeated its atoms
Blurring the fragrances
Of aching memories
My aroma mingled
With the laden nuclei
Of tiredness and failures
I let the smells of home
Of gentle togetherness,
Long walks in pine woods,
Fruity slushes by beaches,
Course through its veins
We stood still for a moment.
Savory and sweet
In victory and defeat
Dissolving acerbic flavors
The scent now belongs to me!

Feels like home

#FromOneLine #prompt 178

It always feels like home
With the aroma
Of warm bread and cheese
Ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon
Filling up the rooms
With the scent of welcome
Spices wafting away
From slightly ajar windows
Baking, cooking, brewing
The clutter of pots, pans
Subduing voices
In the head
Ignoring bitterness
In the heart
Aspiring only to capture
Flavors that can conceal
This lingering starkness
Inside the white walls

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