Off late, have you felt the need
The urgency to walk down
The sleepy morning street
To grab a newspaper from
The silver ink-stained stand?
Or, is the news now stale
With clicks at your fingertips
You rather sit still, unmoved
Behind doors, unperturbed
With how the world is cold
Just like the blood that runs
In your grease-clogged veins
Your thoughts are now numb
Beyond despair, beyond repair

Just life

#MMPoetryBattle prompt is: AMALGAM⚔️

The sun melts into the horizon
Amalgam of light and darkness
Where the lines are blurred
Between paradise and hell
Consumed by the ocean
Glitter hues of golden days
Now wrapped in tempests
Bellowing over troubled waters
Such is life – Moments of delight
Washed away by turbulent tides

Also features on #MMPoetryBattle week of Aug 12 highlights, with a couple of different words to meet the Tweet character limit:

Fate lines


If I could count
The delicate lines
Offshoots and roots
Hidden in my palms;
Marking the map
Of my destiny
I may comprehend,
The forks and breaks
That twist of my fate
Conspiring to create
Hard wins and fails
In this medley of life
On a rollercoaster ride



I traced the jagged edges
Their warmth tingling
My ruddy fingertips
They didn’t seem strange
These mountains and ridges
I ran along them
All my rugged life
The ups and downs
Made up the landscape
Where I survived
With the wind in my hair
Hope in my stride



With eyes like diamonds
And a sprinkling of gold dust
Adorning her eyelids
A dance of jeweled splendor
A tango, a salsa, not a misstep
A gaze to mesmerize into
The vortex of a constellation
Where each star conveys
Of my destiny interlocked
With hers, captivated, plundered
The allure of her iridescence
Dense yet brittle, all at once

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