Bashful frangipani
In the summer storm
Deliciously aromatic
Falling mellifluously
Flowers in final moments
Broken yet beautiful


#Imagist poetry for #TopTweetTuesday

A ghostwriter pensive
On the night shift
Traces a self-portrait
On burdened skies,
Under drooping stars
An artist’s dilemma
To tell one’s own story
Or script for others!


The morning air felt still
As if it carries the weight
Of another magenta night
Men crossing borders restless
Leaving behind the city lights
And little packets of memories
Strewn across echoing hallways
Holding scraps close to the chest
Passports, IDs, cards, and such
For what else are we but barcodes
In this unruly, ravaged world!


#FromOneLine 173

On the edges, jagged
Of a broken mirror
In reflected multi-facets
I can now see
How a little breaking
Reveals more of what’s
Hidden in me!


#FromOneLine #prompt 172

All the Mondays together
Piled high on the debris
Of restless weekends
Worried about tomorrow 
Always in a race
Forever out of time
Our life has wings
Our destiny is in flight
Shoving, climbing, scraping
To the top, until the bell tolls!

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