For @TopTweetTuesday, a poem on the power of transitions, inspired by the bright #Gulmohar trees that are now competing with the hot summer sun in India.

Wrapped in muslin
Gentle dreams lie so still
Spreading over eyelids
Like a subtle touch of lace
Vast longings, latent until
Caressed by time and destiny
Fresh buds unfold in glory
Of spring in bloom, and
All hopes glow crimson
As petals of the Gulmohar
Ablaze in the glare of summer!


Bashful frangipani
In the summer storm
Deliciously aromatic
Falling mellifluously
Flowers in final moments
Broken yet beautiful


What had happened was
Giggles over a picnic spread
Thick layers of marmalade
Stacks of thin crepes
Trickles of blueberry
Glasses of lemonade
Under the mulberry tree
Just dreams of summer
Stained with myriad colors
As in the winter sun I lay
Thinking of you and all
That you just left behind!


On a Sunday morning
A summer-perfumed breeze
Rocks the hammock
A book cover gazes
Vacantly at azure skies
A fly lazily sits on the rim
Of an empty flute of nectar
Thoughts doze off embracing
An idyllic disregard
For chores and such
Until a mundane morrow


Hear the unspoken words
Of September-in-waiting
Cradling melancholy in its heart
Weighed down with the task
Of bidding farewell to summer

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