Feels like home

#FromOneLine #prompt 178

It always feels like home
With the aroma
Of warm bread and cheese
Ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon
Filling up the rooms
With the scent of welcome
Spices wafting away
From slightly ajar windows
Baking, cooking, brewing
The clutter of pots, pans
Subduing voices
In the head
Ignoring bitterness
In the heart
Aspiring only to capture
Flavors that can conceal
This lingering starkness
Inside the white walls


Prompt 155 #FromOneLine @FromOneLine on Twitter

An interesting poem for an interesting prompt 155 #FromOneLine

A butterfly in the classroom
Fluttering around in captivity
On books, graphs, and notes
Blue on white, a few dark strokes
Colors splattered from test tubes
Scorching winged dreams of the
Drifting desires of adolescence

From One Line, Vol 2

It is a grand wrap for 2021, with 6 of my poems part of this beautiful anthology of poetry and flash fiction – FromOneLine (Vol.2).

Writing in a few words and within limited characters is a great mental challenge. When you have to create using only the provided first-line prompt, it becomes all the more interesting for the writer.

This anthology brings together myriad perspectives and creativity to these first-line prompts. A perfect Christmas gift with a colorful cover and an accompanying bookmark, with talent overflowing through its pages. The second FromOneLine Anthology has been published as an A5 paperback book. It features 41 prompt lines, 113 authors and 457 poems, and flash fiction.

Available to buy from for worldwide delivery: https://t.co/LTSjX7MIhk via @Etsy (or direct at https://t.co/2cjkVbHtfp for UK orders and PDF version)

  • Editor: Meghan Dargue
  • Publisher: Kobayaashi Studios
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 234 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1914949005
  • Price: £9.99
  • Postage UK: £1.99

Tangled Vines

Trumpet Flowers

Where the vine tangles
Trumpet flowers grow in
Peachy, blissful, innocence
Sweet, balmy fragrance
Covering a vast facade
Of suffocating branches
So in life, beauty captivates
Even as breathless leaves
Perish gently in the breeze

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