Bleed Red

From tanned, barren, lonely lands
Blows blinding dust of Afghanistan
Women smothered in black tears
Children born trembling to fears
Of a future so distant, so unknown
Life so petty, all hope so forlorn
Who are the Gods orchestrating
Men at endless wars devastating
Where poppy fields bleed red
Staining shrouds of the undead
Opium dreams fill terror nights
Where gloom sells as paradise
How humanity sleeps in peace
When hearts beat with unease


Shadows dance on the wall
Claws dripping death
Faces set with fangs
Tentacles reaching out
From beyond sodden graves:
Against an orange luminous
The candelabra brings alive
Fears from another lifetime
Silhouettes from the wild,
The ones I fail to pacify!
Ravage my peace of mind!


Find me the peaceOf pure innocenceFree me from shacklesLet me sense miraclesUnleash the inner childConjour faces in a cloudMarvel at a shimmery bugWhisper to a tiny birdPlay with a grass bladeCount stars in night’s paradeLet my soul revel in nature;A haven for every creature!

An Elegy to Peace

In the graveyard of sinPeace lies buried againAfter dying a million deathsWith its bloodied comradesHope, faith, and harmonyThe blazing fiend of hatredRoams around nakedFeeding on the last fragmentOf another body burnt to dustA bewildered soul hoversEyes awash with fading tears! Prayers have lost their wayMelancholy clouds sweep awayEven the incessant rainCannot wash away the stainOfContinue reading “An Elegy to Peace”