Matters of the heart

Sequined dreams
In the sky
As I stitch every teardrop
Into the firmament
For you to see when
You gaze at the moon
In my memory

It was a strong heart
But feather-light it floated
Buoyed by dreams, hopes
Reaching the sky so blue;
Tie it firmly with icy strings
Till the cold permeates
Freezes that tender love
For warm and flush
It tends to bleed red
Staining all the world!

What colors do you see,
In this unfinished portrait?
It waits for blue
From the waves
To fill vacant eyes
A contrary wind
Reversed ocean
To bring you back



Let me defy the vagaries of time
Make my own rules, let me define
What it takes to be true to the self
Remake, reimagine, seek, and delve
In just whoever I want to be;
Not what this world decrees!


When lightning strikes
Mountains disintegrate
Into a million pebbles;
Amidst stone crumbles
And broken boulders
Our miserable souls
Ruminate the futility
Of seeking permanence
In an unsteady world

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