Matters of the heart

Sequined dreams
In the sky
As I stitch every teardrop
Into the firmament
For you to see when
You gaze at the moon
In my memory

It was a strong heart
But feather-light it floated
Buoyed by dreams, hopes
Reaching the sky so blue;
Tie it firmly with icy strings
Till the cold permeates
Freezes that tender love
For warm and flush
It tends to bleed red
Staining all the world!

What colors do you see,
In this unfinished portrait?
It waits for blue
From the waves
To fill vacant eyes
A contrary wind
Reversed ocean
To bring you back

Crimson Vengeance

Flowers in the wild
All crimson red!

Lament of Generations at War

We bloomed in deserts
Red and shades of blue
Wounds bled, bruises grew
When the heart stopped
A chill captured
Our wretched cores
Now, we kill, maim
Coloring gray of souls
With crimson hues!

We bloomed in wilderness
Pink and yellow, slowly
Becoming black and blue
Tarnished succulence
Thorns of vengeance
Pricking our sides
Now, we weep, bleed
Flowers in the wild
Turn crimson red!


Colors give me great joy. The allure of a painting, bliss of a garden, warmth of yarn, softness of fabric, and amongst all of these the absolute cosmic dance of colors. I end up shopping for things just because the colors attract me. I want to own them, these colors, embrace their vigor, imbibe their depths, and savor their texture. I want to be one with colors.

I find colors alluring in food, too, the best derived from natural ingredients. The gold of turmeric, the dust of cocoa, the verdant leaves, the mauve – tender in a turnip, mature in an onion, the royal purple of a brinjal, the rust of cinnamon, pristine coconut, orange hues – the list is infinite. Nature offers us a platter enhanced by a burst of colors. While most colors dissolve and merge into each other, releasing nutrients and flavor, I feel the one color the grows richer and more vibrant when cooked, is the luscious red of beetroot. I think cocoa comes second in this list of colors that become richer when cooked.

I love cooking with beetroot, not because I like the vegetable but because it teases me with colors more intense than passion. Cooking beetroot gives me pleasure. It makes me swoon. It makes me experiment.

Beetroot Puris
Beetroot Puris

While savory dishes of beetroot come out great, it’s true colors, deep and sensuous are revealed in sweet dishes. This Saturday, I made too heavenly dishes with beetroot, for the sweet tooth. Sharing the joy of Red!

Beetroot coconut ladoos
Beetroot Coconut Ladoos
Beetroot halwa
Rich Beetroot Halwa

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