Shameless Dreams

Shameless dreams spill
Sprinting over a window sill
Plucked from my eyelids
By naughty night angels
Who revel at my expense
Chuckle with exuberance
At how innocently I believe
In visions true only in sleep!

Tangled Vines

Trumpet Flowers

Where the vine tangles
Trumpet flowers grow in
Peachy, blissful, innocence
Sweet, balmy fragrance
Covering a vast facade
Of suffocating branches
So in life, beauty captivates
Even as breathless leaves
Perish gently in the breeze

Balloon Man

Balloon Man

The balloon man
With helium-filled
Quirky designs
Much like life
Twisted, tied
Waiting to float
Into azure skies
Alas! The master holds
The strings tight!


Pebbles, then ripples
On open waters
Aimless thoughts drift
As a discarded twig;
Cannot sink, forced to swim
On a sleepless eyelid!

Free to Be!

One day I will fly away
On gossamer wings
Adorned with fairy dust;
You will crumble into mud
My sweet cocoon
My captive hut!

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