Winter afternoon

Delectable winter days
Lounging on a charpoy
Under an azure canopy
A crisp orange sunshine
Warms the citrine aroma
On tangerine-tinged fingers
Teased by a chilly breeze
Drowsy eyelids, gently close
Ignoring all mundane chores

Primal Sin

An apple tree
And a mystery red
Is knowledge evil
Or the best thing yet?
Why are men
Chastised for knowing;
Why ignorance is still
Considered bliss?

Tangled Vines

Trumpet Flowers

Where the vine tangles
Trumpet flowers grow in
Peachy, blissful, innocence
Sweet, balmy fragrance
Covering a vast facade
Of suffocating branches
So in life, beauty captivates
Even as breathless leaves
Perish gently in the breeze

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