The stark beauty of silence
When only the eyes speak
Sometimes burning
As the lonely log
In an ashen fireplace
Sometimes cold
Like the winter snow
Only to be swept away

Winter afternoon

Delectable winter days
Lounging on a charpoy
Under an azure canopy
A crisp orange sunshine
Warms the citrine aroma
On tangerine-tinged fingers
Teased by a chilly breeze
Drowsy eyelids, gently close
Ignoring all mundane chores


What had happened was
Giggles over a picnic spread
Thick layers of marmalade
Stacks of thin crepes
Trickles of blueberry
Glasses of lemonade
Under the mulberry tree
Just dreams of summer
Stained with myriad colors
As in the winter sun I lay
Thinking of you and all
That you just left behind!

Walked Away

January 2021

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