Spring in the Air

Time for strawberry mojitosMulberry plucked from treesPalash flowers and tomatoesAblaze with red so deepLavender teas, minty greensBrown delight of cold coffeesSweet fruits of labor, nowTangy orange preservesThe sun seeping in nectarTo return from slumberWith full force of summerUntil then let me swingIn the silver hammockWherever the wind swaysAn open book, still unreadAs sparrows make acquaintanceAbuzzContinue reading “Spring in the Air”

Forest Eyes

Ageless forestsTestimony to so much hatred!Today I saw themBent, tired, wrinkledAging a little bit more:Menacingly greyBlinded by smokeOf dying ashesChoking on the deadBurning trees wailingIn the distance;They watch us closelyWaiting to strikeAs vengeance stingsThe forest eyes!

Forest Trail

Red dust gently stainsVivid footstepsOn the forest trailOur whispers are caughtIn the canopy for eternityHanging as mist!Glow worms flutterIn ethereal shadowsLeaves crunch belowOur feet, in a terrainDreamy, magicalWhere lovers meetUnder the stars

Mind Matters

Whirling in my mindA collective hallucinationOf spirits guiding meTowards insanityI blindly embraceSights and soundsOf each murky thought A part of me lingersIn the stale pastSeeking answersFrom silhouettesMelting in the mistFar from sightNever far from mind! Delirium descendsOn my tired mindChaos ascendsIn my troubled heartI crave for solaceIn the labriynthsOf my raving madness My mind blowsDarkContinue reading “Mind Matters”

Men Gone!

The face of fear stands exposedIn the cowering silence so boldPossessed with the burdenOf a dying, decaying world:Rotten rivers and furrowed mud,Fallen trees and yellowed fields!Last of the spirits must now leave,Poisoned by the air they breathe.Howling waves and the silver moonShed crystal tears on a barren EarthSo bony white, eroded to the coreMen gone;Continue reading “Men Gone!”


You thrill me, WordsAs I twirl you aroundOn a pencil tipThen you gently lieIn exhaustion,On reams of whiteUntil, I pick you upTo dance on my lipA story, a song, oft a poemTeasing my mindWith magical verse!


I am bound to youIn horrific waysThe Devil allures meEvil sucks me inSmoldering my sensesMy memories reek of ashesWhen a soul was liberated;Dark, troubled, demandingNow residing in youIn love with me!In sweet elixirOf sugar coated wordsA bitter pill camouflaged;In your love for me hidesTwisted fulfilmentOf a narcisstic mind!