Mason Jars

What are we but fragile jarsOf intricate masonryDoes the Creator carve us allOn a whim and fancy!Loaded to the brim; half-empty stillStained glass or run-of-the-mill?Crystal walls, what potion fillsLabelled to hide bitter pills?Marinations, fermentationsTranslucent concoctions,Sugared candies, mushy jelliesMilky relish, chocolate drizzlesPungent, zesty, tangy, savoryAroma, flavors, colors manyLike sticky, sweet memoriesOr just vitreous fantasiesClosed tight, gentlyContinue reading “Mason Jars”


Take me to apple orchards,For walks in lavender fieldsShow me colors so idyllicMake me forget darknessOn the road and in my destiny!Adorn me with terracotta jewelsTrinkets of clay, as sublime, fragileAs my soul that will discardAll that seems so precious today!