What’s in a Name

The labels we carry
Are they our identity
The truth of our souls
The blood in our veins
Nameplates, tattoos
Etched on foreheads
Stamped on destinies
Stapled to the warrants
By which they pursue, punish
Track down, put behind bars
Make us stand in a queue
Ask what did you do
To earn titles, so!
What do you say?
To those who hate
With power absolute,
Anyone whose name
Doesn’t sound or spell
Just like theirs!

Fallen Leaves

Walked Away



Flesh and bones lie in a heap
Men, women, children weep!
Bloodthirsty, the weapons they wield
Remorse none for their sinful deed
Nor shame, or dread, or fear deep
How long this power will they keep?
Remind them how the tides swell
Listen carefully to the death knell;
When evil prevails, dark forces abide
Anguished voices fail to subside
Karma watches, records does keep
Seeds they sowed, so must they reap
Time renders mercy only to the meek
The Punisher arrives and will seek
The fearsome who now fearful seem
Bloodied swords will lose their sheen
This twist of fate, how events turn
Destiny can make, break, and spurn,
Tormentors humbled, tormented so
Cowering cowards, all in Death’s row!

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