Each Painting – A Discovery!

As an admirer of art, especially by children and young adults, I am discovering breathtaking work ever so often. Here is an inspiring story and some verses from my archives that found the perfect fit in paintings by Debarghya Chaudhuri.

Sixteen years old, Debarghya is searching for purpose through art. His art is crazy and real. Debarghya, a happy and energetic teenager from Gurugram, India, is on the autism spectrum. He has found a fulfilling passion in painting landscapes and abstracts. On this quest, he is being noticed in the professional art world. His paintings are enlisted with professional art galleries and international exhibitions.

Secrets hidden

In concentric circles

Of your palms

Fate lines drawn,

Smudged, torn

Ravaged by time

Yet healing gently

To be Reborn


He said,

How intriguing

You are a poem!

I rejoiced until

It dawned on me,

I was a metaphor;

A puzzle for him

Hard to decipher!


A handful of stars

Falling like glitter

On the canvas of life

Golden memories

Silver moments

In the fertile array

Of a destined pathway


Paintings by Debarghya Chaudhuri (16 years old)

Debarghya’s adoring mother, Sushree shares with me that his natural intuition about colors and composition surprises her every day. She says, We have also grown with him in his journey. Bored easily, Debarghya always seeks new creative challenges and does not like to repeat a technique. So she offers him new ideas, textures, colors, and tools, such as comb, brush, kitchen utensils, and tissue cardboard rolls.

For Debarghya, every painting is a discovery in itself. Like a sponge, he absorbs the guidance of his teachers and gives it a unique twist. Debarghya’s art is available for sale through his Facebook page, Vulcan Art Gallery, and Atypical Advantage platform. He is open to accept art commissions and projects.

Watch our brilliant artist at work in this video. I love a caption on one of the Facebook posts on his page – When life deals you black and white … add some gold. This is the power of art that Debarghya has discovered.

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