Book Review: Sober Thoughts from the Crazy House

The words flow, each better than the next, sometimes rhyming, sometimes like the churning of an ocean, thoughts dripping from every nook, every crevice. Each thought more relatable than the next, some philosophical, some mundane but the currents strong enough to wash you away.

Mind Matters

Whirling in my mindA collective hallucinationOf spirits guiding meTowards insanityI blindly embraceSights and soundsOf each murky thought A part of me lingersIn the stale pastSeeking answersFrom silhouettesMelting in the mistFar from sightNever far from mind! Delirium descendsOn my tired mindChaos ascendsIn my troubled heartI crave for solaceIn the labriynthsOf my raving madness My mind blowsDarkContinue reading “Mind Matters”


I am bound to youIn horrific waysThe Devil allures meEvil sucks me inSmoldering my sensesMy memories reek of ashesWhen a soul was liberated;Dark, troubled, demandingNow residing in youIn love with me!In sweet elixirOf sugar coated wordsA bitter pill camouflaged;In your love for me hidesTwisted fulfilmentOf a narcisstic mind!