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I participated in the @WriteFluence December Blog and Win challenge by penning down 3 blog posts overflowing with Christmas nostalgia and personal experiences.

Do read, comment, and vote for all three. I am sure you will enjoy the reading experience:

This season, take away the winter blues

Christmas cards – Can we revive the tradition?

The Aroma of Christmas

Paper and Pen

I have been consuming a lot of learning material these days in my professional area. Podcasts, videos, PDFs, blogs, and trainings. The use of devices has always resulted in fatigue, diversions, and attention deficit. I was consuming but not retaining. I have downloaded PDFs, presentations, and copy-pasted snippets in Notes apps, yet the semblance of organized assimilation of information was missing. My mind was not processing the information completely.

So, today I went absolutely old school. Picked up a notebook and pen, placed my phone on a stand, and just watched or read, and took notes. I have been at it for hours now and the learning is definitely more focused.

It may be a personal choice because people these days prefer digital learning through podcasts and short videos. However, even with training videos, I like to read the transcript. I feel the old ways are the best. For me, any number of digital highlights, bookmarks, and notes in the Cloud can not replace the immersive experience of pen ✒️ and paper 📝.

Incidentally, this is something I recommend to my son also, especially since all classes are online. I tell him notes-taking and creating learning maps and tables help to retain information.

One of the recommended techniques for proofreading and editing is to read the printout. I know of editors who prefer doing it, however, printing out reams of information daily for marking is extravagant with environment-related implications ♻️. Over the years, I have moved to effectively review and edit PDFs.

With self-learning, I am probably going to fill in some more notebooks. 📒 📓. Here’s to #happylearning with #paperandpen to
#writeandlearn. What is your favorite learning style – do you take notes, do you have beautiful notebooks filled with doodles and cursive handwriting. This reminds me of a gorgeous post on BoredPanda that compiles fantastic handwriting samples. See it here.

Wanted: The Perfect e-Reader

The ideal e-reader will combine features of all. A consumer seeking a holistic experience will not mind the cost tag. The technology is out there. We just need someone to put it all together. Are the #techies listening?

The Kindle brand name is so deeply imprinted in the minds of book aficionados that we rarely seek options. However, various Kindle e-readers models have the limitation of being tied to the Amazon ecosystem and not supporting all file formats. The Kindle platform doesn’t support EPUB books, which is one of the usual formats for e-books.

Features lacking in Kindles occur on other e-readers. Yet there is no single device that can cover it all. I see this as a sizeable gap in the market of e-readers. As a regular reader, I have used a tablet that allows multiple reading apps, however; it comes with all the trappings of a mobile phone and harsh lighting. An e-reader is a significant device for a pleasant reading experience, in various lighting scenarios, and most importantly, distraction-free engagement.

This article by Hooked to Books brings forth some alternatives to Kindles. NOOK Glowlight Plus drew my attention as it allows Android apps to be installed to read different formats. The Onyx BOOX Max3 is an interesting device with a stylus experience. A stylus-based writing pad can change the whole reading landscape by allowing for handwritten notes. Audiobooks, read-aloud features, and voice-controls should be a part of the e-reader package.

The ideal e-reader will combine features of all. A consumer seeking a holistic experience will not mind the cost tag. The technology is out there. We just need someone to put it all together. Are the techies listening? Here is an article that I read later that talks about additional features for the perfect Kindle.

Dear readers, have you found the perfect e-reader? Do share in the comments.

The Superpower of Words

The writing community always gives. From words and encouragement to gratitude and encouragement. This year I dedicated myself to reading self-published and Indie writers and reviewing books that made a difference.

As a Reedsy Disovery and Himalayan Book Club book reviewer, I discovered a whole new world. Previously, I also reviewed books for Juggernaut but it dwindled due to time constraints. Several writers have reached out to me through social media platforms with comments on my reviews. Some have chosen me to review their book, which gives me much joy.

I am glad to be one of these creative writers and it surely warms the cockles of my heart to receive personal notes from authors. A few have connected with me to talk about their writing inspirations and their next work. I was able to provide editorial guidance to a self-published writer who was seeking help with her young adult trilogy. It has been an exciting journey and I hope to keep the momentum in 2022 also. It is not only important to write but to support other writers, too.

From One Line, Vol 2

It is a grand wrap for 2021, with 6 of my poems part of this beautiful anthology of poetry and flash fiction – FromOneLine (Vol.2).

Writing in a few words and within limited characters is a great mental challenge. When you have to create using only the provided first-line prompt, it becomes all the more interesting for the writer.

This anthology brings together myriad perspectives and creativity to these first-line prompts. A perfect Christmas gift with a colorful cover and an accompanying bookmark, with talent overflowing through its pages. The second FromOneLine Anthology has been published as an A5 paperback book. It features 41 prompt lines, 113 authors and 457 poems, and flash fiction.

Available to buy from for worldwide delivery: via @Etsy (or direct at for UK orders and PDF version)

  • Editor: Meghan Dargue
  • Publisher: Kobayaashi Studios
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 234 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1914949005
  • Price: £9.99
  • Postage UK: £1.99
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