Storm over waters
In a ravaging gale
As tempests descend
On ignited lives of men
Adventure seekers, roamers
Of wildness and wilderness
In rocky boats they sail
On voyages they say
To fulfill raging souls
Whatever price to pay!

Scrumptious Orange Evenings

When a parched Delhi was craving to embrace rain clouds, the evenings were aglow in anticipation. Ramit Mitra of Delhi by Foot (DBF) adventures, shared this photograph of the city skyline with a comment that Delhi evenings are becoming beautiful again. The orange was endearing enough to make me write a verse.

Delhi Evening

Rain-laden clouds
In a lavish sunset
Scoop up, savor with delight
Scrumptious orange jelly
Soothing, trickling slowly
Into crucible of the night


Like strawberries crushed
To sweeten marmalade
A heart pained
Is shred to bits
Bitter sweet memories
Ruddy peels in jelly mush
Sitting still in fragile jars
Lingering fragrance
Myriad flavors on the lips
Fingers now sticky with
Soulful tales to spread!


Gulmohar trees swaying
In the summer heat
Tawny branches bursting
With fiery flowers,
Crimson petals carpeting
The gray gravel road
Gleefully picked up
For sword fights
With tender stamens;
The tiny tip breaking free
In innocent games
Losers none, all winners be!
Green sepals become
Fake nails in child’s play
It is all beautiful, speckled
Like colors of tomorrow!
A burst of tanginess
Tingling the soul,
Children head home
Chewing sepals, petals;
Just a flower, so much to give
Until it melts – orange, blue
All comes to rest, in dusky hue!

Why Must We Write!

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