With eyes like diamonds
And a sprinkling of gold dust
Adorning her eyelids
A dance of jeweled splendor
A tango, a salsa, not a misstep
A gaze to mesmerize into
The vortex of a constellation
Where each star conveys
Of my destiny interlocked
With hers, captivated, plundered
The allure of her iridescence
Dense yet brittle, all at once


Undone mistakes,
Who ever heard
Such a misnomer!
There’s no turning back
From follies made
Flaws embraced
No entry erased
From the script of life
No joy in living so tame;
Heroism runs wild
Courting danger
Almost always in trouble
A spark, a glitter
In eyes that discover
The glamor in being
Incorrigibly mischevious!



In the lagoon of your eyes
I have lost myself
Surrounded by shimmer
Sinking in the depths
I am colored blue
I am washed in green
Like shadows, reflections
That slide down slowly
With tears of exuberance
As wishes blown gently
On wings of eyelashes!

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