#FridayChallenge #FromOneLine #WritingPrompt

The Friday Challenge #FromOneLine 269 prompt is a perfect reminder to live in the moment.

They danced with such abandon
Stars swirling at their feet
Clouds of glitter on their stage
Flamingo pink skies of dusk
Delicately embraced the twilight
Only dreams can play music such
Lyrics mingled with the heart’s rush
What is life, but what it is today
Live in the fleeting moment, for
January would tell a different story

Bird’s nest

#SenseWrds is an interesting #writing #prompt as it challenges the #writer to not include the given prompt words. Here is my take on the three words – hollow, street, and winding. #VisualArt is generated using Wombo Dream AI.

They ran through the alleys
Children, free of all care;
For a game of hide-and-seek
In the yonder orchard
They stopped a bit for a peek
In the hole of the tree trunk
Where a bird had laid eggs
They climbed up to branches
Bursting with succulent fruit;
Then, scrambled down hurriedly
Before being caught red-handed

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