The Scent

#FromOneLine 179

The scent absorbed me
I permeated its atoms
Blurring the fragrances
Of aching memories
My aroma mingled
With the laden nuclei
Of tiredness and failures
I let the smells of home
Of gentle togetherness,
Long walks in pine woods,
Fruity slushes by beaches,
Course through its veins
We stood still for a moment.
Savory and sweet
In victory and defeat
Dissolving acerbic flavors
The scent now belongs to me!

Winter blog posts for WriteFluence

I participated in the @WriteFluence December Blog and Win challenge by penning down 3 blog posts overflowing with Christmas nostalgia and personal experiences.

Do read, comment, and vote for all three. I am sure you will enjoy the reading experience:

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The Aroma of Christmas


Like strawberries crushed
To sweeten marmalade
A heart pained
Is shred to bits
Bitter sweet memories
Ruddy peels in jelly mush
Sitting still in fragile jars
Lingering fragrance
Myriad flavors on the lips
Fingers now sticky with
Soulful tales to spread!

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