Let History Be

Globally, when regimes and political philosophy change, history comes under onslaught. Rewritten, revised, reinterpreted to suit the flavor of the realm. Historical sites are often the target of either misdirected rage or unsolicited renovation. Some soils are colored by the blood of martyrs, some hallways still echo with horrors, some passages are still raw open wounds, and the air of some places still heavy with captive souls.

It is the responsibility and honor of the people of a land to protect the essence of their history and tell the stories unembellished. It is imperative to ensure historical symbols and places remain untarnished yet accessible in their true spirit to those who still want to learn from the past for the future. Whether we choose to ignore and not believe – the only truth is that history repeats itself.

I wrote these lines as an ode to maintaining history’s sanctity, in its complete truth – scars, stains, crumbling walls! History does not demand beautification. It deserves preservation – in every single corner of the world, where it remains alive in collective memory, sacrifices, sufferings, and also in the penultimate growth of human civilization. We are what our history has made us.

Blank walls tell more stories
Resonate with voices that bury
Within crevices of each heart
As they walk the once doomed path
Let each feel fear in the wind
Hear chaos in the echoes and din
For true emotions can only reveal
Compassion with the men of steel
Don’t waste metal, glass, and marble
Don’t bring masons and sculptors
To hide blood stains, to erase memory
By invoking another vision of history!

Author: Aneesha Shewani

I am just ME … a soul streaming across constellations, over eons of turbulent changes and tranquil noises, perturbed by the visions that engulf me and ruffled by the oft complacence that challenges the change. Yet, I must travel further across the galaxies, in search of the ultimate metamorphosis. Until then, I sojourn in this life, engrossed in my earthly callings of a wife, mother, professional, writer, dreamer, and seeker. On this blog you will find a spectrum of fiction, poetry, reviews, thoughts, snippets, inspiration, experiences, voices, concerns, excerpts, and everything that the soul has gathered in her fold, over years of reading, searching, finding, losing, and discovering. I regularly indulge in various creative pursuits, like crochet, experimental cooking, reading, and writing, and I hold a managerial/editorial role in a financial services organization with a global footprint. For a long time, social media hijacked my personal writing space, as I was sharing more on Facebook and writing Tweet-sized poetry on Twitter. Social media is instant but temporary gratification. Ultimately, a writer needs their own space, and personal blogging provides that space. I had started a blog more than a decade ago but all things need to be infused with new life, emerge in a new avatar, and so it is with my new blog space. Let your love and encouragement pour into Blue Pen Strokes. Check out Aneesha Shewani (@felinemusings) 

3 thoughts on “Let History Be”

  1. Here in the USA, we are undergoing a major shift in worldviews and life-philosophies that are resulting in “rewriting” our history. It is a sad thing when men such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and even Abraham Lincoln come under attack from people who will not read what they wrote.
    Yes, they were not perfect, and who of us is? But they put down their markers in history for us to read of what they aspired to be at their best. Pray for my nation as I pray for India. May The God Who Is have mercy on us all.

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