Touristy Notes from Sikkim, 2017 – Part 1

Tiny tots like him walk to school on weekdays with siblings, trotting dangerously along the edge. It is scary but they look unperturbed, their cheeks red under the clear mountain sun.

The month of June brings back memories of summer vacations and travels to lands far and fair. In June 2017, our family of 3 went to Sikkim with family friends and relatives. I took notes on my phone, posting them along with pictures on my Facebook page. I bring them out here to share impressions that stay forever.

Lachen Monastery, Sikkim

We were soaking in the blue skies, admiring the mountains, and the peace, letting our prayers flutter in the wind, along with the prayer flags.

We saw this cute boy looking at us, coy and cuddly. He may be intrigued by the city children dwellers. He posed and even came to close the heavy iron door as we left the Lachen monastery. Tiny tots like him walk to school on weekdays with siblings, trotting dangerously along the edge. It is scary but they look unperturbed, their cheeks of rose petals and cherry red, under the clear mountain sun.

It is all cute and nice, until you reach a check post and see a notice board with pictures of lost children. These areas have the least crime rate, high female ratio, and honor for women but nature can be cruel. Many children have fallen down the rocky roads or washed away by the mighty Teesta. Wild animals may prowl.

The pain of parents who lose their children to unknown horrors is unfathomable. The bravery of parents allowing their children freedom to discover nature and friendships, make memories along treacherous paths, is admirable.

A sad and sobering thought and you feel all the more humbled when you see the difficult life and habitation of the hill people. We are so puny in front of nature. Yet, human resilience learns to live in extreme environments, close to the bosom of nature, as children of the mountains, rivers, and forests.

Perilous Mountains of Sikkim, 2017 – Part 2

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Author: Aneesha Shewani

I am just ME … a soul streaming across constellations, over eons of turbulent changes and tranquil noises, perturbed by the visions that engulf me and ruffled by the oft complacence that challenges the change. Yet, I must travel further across the galaxies, in search of the ultimate metamorphosis. Until then, I sojourn in this life, engrossed in my earthly callings of a wife, mother, professional, writer, dreamer, and seeker. On this blog you will find a spectrum of fiction, poetry, reviews, thoughts, snippets, inspiration, experiences, voices, concerns, excerpts, and everything that the soul has gathered in her fold, over years of reading, searching, finding, losing, and discovering. I regularly indulge in various creative pursuits, like crochet, experimental cooking, reading, and writing, and I hold a managerial/editorial role in a financial services organization with a global footprint. For a long time, social media hijacked my personal writing space, as I was sharing more on Facebook and writing Tweet-sized poetry on Twitter. Social media is instant but temporary gratification. Ultimately, a writer needs their own space, and personal blogging provides that space. I had started a blog more than a decade ago but all things need to be infused with new life, emerge in a new avatar, and so it is with my new blog space. Let your love and encouragement pour into Blue Pen Strokes. Check out Aneesha Shewani (@felinemusings) 

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