Do Not Tarry!

Today, is the first day of workIn the most mysterious decadeA new year, waiting for respair;My schedule is filledThe calendar overflowsSo do the diary notesThe brain counting To-dos’Demands to push oneselfMore and more to fulfillAmbitions, aspirationsContinue to race ahead,For so say the big-wigsCompetition and corporatesAcademies, colleges, and schools,Innovate, accelerate, don’t stop yetRush to grab anContinue reading “Do Not Tarry!”

The 13th Wedding Anniversary

Today, my husband and I completed 13 years of wedded life. The world changed drastically within a quarter of our last anniversary. We didn’t know it would. That is how sneaky change can be and this one had the power to remold lives, to test relationships, and to create upheavals in all households. It wasContinue reading “The 13th Wedding Anniversary”