A Story Blooms

A Story Blooms

Let words nourish my soul
Each letter seep into my pores
With every thought let it surge
A streak of light, an energy rush
Let tender paper caress fingers
As poetry on my lips trembles
Let my pen speak in volumes
As another story gently blooms!


Did the strings break
Or the melody die out
Were they so complex
The words and the sounds?
Composing emotions
Did you fall into the trap
Of raking up memories
Kept under a wrap?
Now here’s a whimper
There a mad laughter
Grief from the past
Rises in dark spectre!


You thrill me, Words
As I twirl you around
On a pencil tip
Then you gently lie
In exhaustion,
On reams of white
Until, I pick you up
To dance on my lip
A story, a song, oft a poem
Teasing my mind
With magical verse!


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