#FromOneLine 173

On the edges, jagged
Of a broken mirror
In reflected multi-facets
I can now see
How a little breaking
Reveals more of what’s
Hidden in me!


#FromOneLine #prompt 157

There was nothing before
The rundown mirror
Just a tired reflection
Of bored, dying eyes
That I chose to ignore
Instead, I imagined the grays
Were flecks of silver rain
The sagging skin, all the hills
I climbed with gleeful leaps
The weariness is just a facade
To hide joy from prying eyes
And so I believed all the lies
That my image was a disguise


Regrets, conflicts, defects
From the mirror life reflects
Images of what was
Shadows of what wasn’t
Reminder of what can be
Fate plays on fleeting reels
Surreal spectres, unreal dreams

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