Do you wonder, find it strange
How this world loathes
When we could love more
As hatred spills everywhere
We stand still, stare in despair
None intervene, all stay aloof
“It’s not my battle, not my war”
Until it is knocking at our door!
For the thing with hatred is this
When ignored, it only spreads
Its claws are sharp, hunger wild
We may be silent but can’t hide.


Let me now observe
Ongoings of our world
Has it gone insane
Or sloshed with disdain?
How has it replaced
All the love with hate!
When friends are foes
For opinions they spoke
Do we bury the voices
Or risk being trolled?
When men are up in arms
Do we cower or take a chance,
To make amends, to call out
The lies and cover ups
The slyness and mess ups!

Tempest of Hate

Frenetic winds of chaos
Blowing in our face
An ever-growing frenzy
Throwing us in a daze
Stunned, a few wonder
At this tempest of hate;
Where did we learn to
Speak in tongues false
Write in crooked ways
When did we go silent
And chose to turn away?
Is there hope still
For truth and trust,
To recover our lexicon,
Or all is lost in this storm?

What’s in a Name

The labels we carry
Are they our identity
The truth of our souls
The blood in our veins
Nameplates, tattoos
Etched on foreheads
Stamped on destinies
Stapled to the warrants
By which they pursue, punish
Track down, put behind bars
Make us stand in a queue
Ask what did you do
To earn titles, so!
What do you say?
To those who hate
With power absolute,
Anyone whose name
Doesn’t sound or spell
Just like theirs!

Forever and Now

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