Let me now observeOngoings of our worldHas it gone insaneOr sloshed with disdain?How has it replacedAll the love with hate!When friends are foesFor opinions they spokeDo we bury the voicesOr risk being trolled?When men are up in armsDo we cower or take a chance,To make amends, to call outThe lies and cover upsThe slyness andContinue reading “Trolled”

Tempest of Hate

Frenetic winds of chaosBlowing in our faceAn ever-growing frenzyThrowing us in a dazeStunned, a few wonderAt this tempest of hate;Where did we learn toSpeak in tongues falseWrite in crooked waysWhen did we go silentAnd chose to turn away?Is there hope stillFor truth and trust,To recover our lexicon,Or all is lost in this storm?

What’s in a Name

The labels we carryAre they our identityThe truth of our soulsThe blood in our veinsNameplates, tattoosEtched on foreheadsStamped on destiniesStapled to the warrantsBy which they pursue, punishTrack down, put behind barsMake us stand in a queueAsk what did you doTo earn titles, so!What do you say?To those who hateWith power absolute,Anyone whose nameDoesn’t sound orContinue reading “What’s in a Name”

Finding Our Religion

One of the series that I really liked watching on Prime Video was The Path. Around the same time, I was enjoying reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. While the web series and the book are not connected in any way, as a viewer and reader, I found a common theme. The inherent violent, ratherContinue reading “Finding Our Religion”