Rise of the machines

#FromOneLine #prompt 161

They did not have a clue
Of which way the winds blew
Those robotic limbs, artificial minds
Humans believed they are divine
To have put souls in metallic cages
Code Bits and Bytes to fill the spaces
High on the cloud, they smugly float;
Down with a thud, when it explodes
All ravaged by a mechanical army
Driven by the frenzy of a rogue AI!

Metaverse: Enter at your peril

The threat is not from artificial intelligence but our eroding intelligence.

While I am quite a techno-enthusiast and a fan of emerging tech wizardry, I am not keen on a virtual world as a way of existence. It’s all hep and geeky when used for specific and specialized purposes in a controlled environment. It is scary as an extension of our personal lives, infiltrating our homes.

I am all for virtual robotic surgeries or a few global corporate off-sites, maybe simulated training but I don’t want a virtual holiday or have children don avatars and hone online personas. I would rather have my son scuba-dive than wear virtual reality (VR) glasses to “experience” the ocean world.

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