I wrote these lines for the one-line prompt – The birds on my grave. Writing this made me sad. A writer commented that it is “hauntingly beautiful.” I agree that there is a lingering ache in this poem that makes it beautiful. These lines are about all the things we leave behind when it’s time to be one with the earth and the skies! It’s the epitaph of the poet, the writer, and the silent warrior.

The birds on my grave
Are possessed by the poems
I never wrote down
And the myriad stories
Now buried with me;
The wildflowers flourishing
On my weathered tombstone
Carry the aroma of moments
Now lying in an ornate box
Tucked in with crocheted love
You can sense my presence
In the dance of butterflies;
The dragonflies sweep in
To touch my humble soul
That wonders what happened
To all the words, I left unsaid!

Many readers may know the symbolism of the dragonfly. It means looking within and indicates the light of a divine entity. To a warrior and fighter, a dragonfly represents agility, power, speed, victory, and courage. It also symbolizes rebirth, immortality, transformation, adaptation, and spiritual awakening.

So, in the end, the poem brings hope when the soul is touched by nature and in commune with the dragonflies.

Inner child

Imagist poetry for #TopTweetTuesday

A lonely childhood
Peering outside
Tracing frost fairies
On a chilly windowpane
Whispering a wish
For tender icicle streaks
To fly far far away!
Her dreams grow wings
Like gossamer butterflies
When she touches them
Powdery dust crumbles
In tiny, empty hands
Flickering like stars
That drive her destiny

I received some lovely feedback on this piece today.

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