Lost love


One day we’ll meet
Under the Gulmohur tree
Not to find shaded solace
From the dripping summer heat
But to touch its crimson blooms
That carry the flamboyance
Of a forever romance
We’ll stand there at sunset
Fingers entwined, waiting
For that carefree innocence
To slowly rub into our veins
And make our forgetful souls
Remember our lost love again



She left me waiting
Holding porcelain tears
In my heart so full
It was ready to burst;
Bone china dreams
Brimming with whispers
Of promised togetherness
Now threaten to crack;
With pain throbbing in veins
Heated rage of being alone
Burns me from within,
Staining with fine details
Forlorn thoughts of longing

Out of time

195 #FromOneLine

We thought we had time
But it had already slipped away
Like sand through our fingers.
We stood there at the crossroads
With the crinkle of dust particles
In our calloused palms
We were taken by surprise
And then we wanted to hide
All the dreaded disappointment
Of running out of the hours
We had earmarked to live life

A spoonful of sky

The challenge was to write a poem on “desserts”.

On paper clouds
Cotton candy winds
Dreams dance
On wishful wings
Of caramel sunsets
Melting sherbets
Berrylicious stains
On azure vistas
Silken summons
From opal skies
With fluid colors
In bone china plates
A painted sunrise


#FromOneLine 192

She wore feathers in her hair
The fairest plume, the trendiest air
She walked amidst the cheering crowd
Her head held high, her stride so proud
Beneath the glitter and glamor, hidden
Colors, bleak and gray, like the rain
Filling her heart, choking her voice
Her wings clipped, she had no choice!

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