Regrets, conflicts, defects
From the mirror life reflects
Images of what was
Shadows of what wasn’t
Reminder of what can be
Fate plays on fleeting reels
Surreal spectres, unreal dreams

Primal Sin

An apple tree
And a mystery red
Is knowledge evil
Or the best thing yet?
Why are men
Chastised for knowing;
Why ignorance is still
Considered bliss?


Hear the unspoken words
Of September-in-waiting
Cradling melancholy in its heart
Weighed down with the task
Of bidding farewell to summer

In my head

The sound of silence
Consumes the infinite
Clamouring voices in my head
I stare at the blank wall
Waiting for an apparition
To accuse me of murdering it!

Let History Be

Globally, when regimes and political philosophy change, history comes under onslaught. Rewritten, revised, reinterpreted to suit the flavor of the realm. Historical sites are often the target of either misdirected rage or unsolicited renovation. Some soils are colored by the blood of martyrs, some hallways still echo with horrors, some passages are still raw open wounds, and the air of some places still heavy with captive souls.

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Sapphire figments of fantasy
Dark as the indigo velvet night
Embedded in slivers of argent light
Lying on my bosom like ashen fire
Ebb and flow of each breath
Heave and sigh of the chest
Life moving in glossy rhythms
Of soulful music from the depth

Book Review: Monet & Oscar

Book: Monet & Oscar: The Essence of Light 

Author: Joe Byrd

Genre: Historical Fiction, Drama, Romance, Fiction

Review Copy: Reedsy

Available at: Amazon.in

Recommended: Must Read!

A young American, the son of an accomplished landscape designer in San Francisco, returns to his country of birth to fight for France during World War I. Recovering from battle scars after the war, he finds himself in the employment of none other than Claude Monet. From here begins an enthralling tale of history, flirtations, love, passion, art, and questionable past choices.

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Full Moon Night

Full Moon Night

In a moonlit paradise
Touched by wands
Of sterling light
Lustrous magic
Weaves a cobweb
Of glossy dreams
An argent sheen
Covers the night

Each Painting – A Discovery!

As an admirer of art, especially by children and young adults, I am discovering breathtaking work ever so often. Here is an inspiring story and some verses from my archives that found the perfect fit in paintings by Debarghya Chaudhuri.

Sixteen years old, Debarghya is searching for purpose through art. His art is crazy and real. Debarghya, a happy and energetic teenager from Gurugram, India, is on the autism spectrum. He has found a fulfilling passion in painting landscapes and abstracts. On this quest, he is being noticed in the professional art world. His paintings are enlisted with professional art galleries and international exhibitions.

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Book Review: Brainstorming with Da Vinci

Book: Brainstorming with Da Vinci: An Entertaining Approach to Lead and Inspire Teams to Generate Big Ideas

Author: Eric Bowe

Genre: Contemporary, Nonfiction, Business Management

Review Copy: Reedsy

Available at: Amazon.in

Recommended: Must Read!

I picked up Brainstorming with Da Vinci for its fascinating title and was not disappointed by my choice. Brainstorming is a term mostly flung around corporate boardrooms and big organisations riding the trend of innovation and acceleration. However, Eric Bowe highlights that brainstorming is not limited to business or science etymology. The term has significance in various facets of life, including poetry, art, and music. 

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