Kintsugi is a Japanese word meaning “joined with gold” or “golden seams”

The elegant decay
Of our youthful love
Slowly chipping away
Like well-used crockery
Still a heirloom to be
Preserved until eternity

After the storm

#FromOneLine #prompt 163

Verse for #FromOneLine #prompt 163 inspired by “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” from the play Tje Mourning Bride by William Congrove.

After the storm
Her soul lay bare
A torrent of words
Gushed out in fury
Suppressed, repressed
Now phrases unruly
Unabashed, unashamed
She ripped the veils
Shattered, battered
Pretenses swept away
Silent rage, now a surge
All trauma, finally purged

It is okay, to be not okay

#FromOneLine #prompt 162

These lines are for those who carry the burden of sadness and depression; who may not articulate their need for compassion in a world that expects us to be perpetually bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Help me if you can
To feel better, just once
To cry, yet not drown
In the darkened pools
Of forever spouting tears
Fermenting in the
Spoils of a bleeding heart
Tell me how to slip away
From the slimy burden
Of misery-laden thoughts;
Show me how to let go
Of the shame, and proclaim
I am human; I hurt, too!

Rise of the machines

#FromOneLine #prompt 161

They did not have a clue
Of which way the winds blew
Those robotic limbs, artificial minds
Humans believed they are divine
To have put souls in metallic cages
Code Bits and Bytes to fill the spaces
High on the cloud, they smugly float;
Down with a thud, when it explodes
All ravaged by a mechanical army
Driven by the frenzy of a rogue AI!

What if

#FromOneLine #prompt 160

A spoonful of dreams
Makes me think of 
All things sweet
Yet I wonder what if
They are sour or bitter
Like memories, nightmares?
Can I stir them into
The cup of my life
Without the fear of rousing
Demons that I had denied
A place at the table
A setting in my mind!

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