Men Gone!

The face of fear stands exposed
In the cowering silence so bold
Possessed with the burden
Of a dying, decaying world:
Rotten rivers and furrowed mud,
Fallen trees and yellowed fields!
Last of the spirits must now leave,
Poisoned by the air they breathe.
Howling waves and the silver moon
Shed crystal tears on a barren Earth
So bony white, eroded to the core
Men gone; their destruction stays on!

Time Stands Still

Forests Gray

Why Must We Write!


You thrill me, Words
As I twirl you around
On a pencil tip
Then you gently lie
In exhaustion,
On reams of white
Until, I pick you up
To dance on my lip
A story, a song, oft a poem
Teasing my mind
With magical verse!

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