Consume me whole
Like the ocean gulps down
That flamboyant orb
Easing its pain
The lavish burn from within
Letting it settle
Amongst corals and pearls
In a soothing embrace
The ashes submerge
Then slowly emerge
In a million starlights
Flickering silica spreads
Across a sleeping world



In the golden creases
On your forehead
In silver laugh lines
Shines a love for life
Replayed in luminuous eyes
The sonorous murmurs
Of a cosmos, brimming
With vigor eons ago;
Today, its chest heaves
With the weight of leaves
Of a beige autumn in tow


In my slumber
I captured dreams
Brightly lit
Forever glowing;
Set them in fragile jars
Watered with teary prayers;
They found roots
Spiraling shoots
Thrived in silence
Reminder of all that can be
If we bestow our hopes
Fertile space in waking hours
Can light up darkest paths



Noctiflorous thoughts
Weave gossamer webs
Dreams lay entangled
In the silver threads
Droopy eyelids await
Slumber so deep
To serenade visions
To surrender to sleep
Yet, destined to a night
Drowned in the aroma
Of frantic wild petals
Wilting at sunrise


Off late, have you felt the need
The urgency to walk down
The sleepy morning street
To grab a newspaper from
The silver ink-stained stand?
Or, is the news now stale
With clicks at your fingertips
You rather sit still, unmoved
Behind doors, unperturbed
With how the world is cold
Just like the blood that runs
In your grease-clogged veins
Your thoughts are now numb
Beyond despair, beyond repair

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