Those who leave with words unsaidStir up longings, buried yet not deadFor one can only wait and wonderHow their world was ripped asunderSongs of love, once carefree, wildNow broken chords, when lyrics died

Newer Gods

Spoken myths tellThe truth of fallen worldsApocalyptic disastersSealed in Time’s capsuleAn open Pandora’s boxBlows the last stormIn our hapless facesWe kneel in obeisanceWhen darkness unfoldsFor we brazenly ignoredAll our History ever toldIn human laments and cursesNewer Gods are born


Do not tarry for tomorrowDwell not on the clamorOf those loud yesterdays;Time’s hands in tandemHold us strictly to ransomTo make the most of today. Shed the anxietyOf another tomorrowLet go of theWorries of todayFear only theWhispers of yesterdayWith the unfailing powerTo haunt each living day


Today, I wrote two poems on the Jan 7 @QuillandCrow #crowcalls #prompt Lucifer Burn Crumbling skinAs the acid burnsFace, neck, heartSinged dreamsExcruciating screamsReach the skiesIt is the dayWhen angels cryAnd Lucifer decriesSuch lowly treachery *Acid attack on women for vengeance is a sad reality in India in both rural and urban setups. Arsenic We search … Continue reading “Lucifer”

Happiness is

I created a simple poem for the #prompt #HappinessIs and I really like it. Do you? Happiness is the wisp of a snackTangled in a strand of your hairAnd how I am allowedTo reach out and brush it awayAnd see a smile light up your face


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