The Art and the Anguished

When a piece of art is made with utmost dedication and love, it becomes breathtakingly and painfully beautiful. It lingers like a fragrance, an enchantment of the senses, a spell dominating the spirit, leaving the soul craving for more. I recently saw such a tribute of utmost adoration and I cannot get over the lovelinessContinue reading “The Art and the Anguished”

An Elegy to Peace

In the graveyard of sinPeace lies buried againAfter dying a million deathsWith its bloodied comradesHope, faith, and harmonyThe blazing fiend of hatredRoams around nakedFeeding on the last fragmentOf another body burnt to dustA bewildered soul hoversEyes awash with fading tears! Prayers have lost their wayMelancholy clouds sweep awayEven the incessant rainCannot wash away the stainOfContinue reading “An Elegy to Peace”


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