Everybody wore a hat

FromOneLine Volume 3 has been published and is now live! Here is around 220 pages of pure brilliance, emotions, words, and thoughts, compiled by Meghan Dargue for the third FromOneLine anthology, published by Kobayaashi Studios, United Kingdom. This anthology features poems and flash fiction from writers around the world. Where can just one connecting prompt … Continue reading “Everybody wore a hat”


Do not haunt my houseWith the carcass of ambitionsThreatening to steal my peaceFilling my languid hoursWith a disdain that tauntsAt my simple needsPushing me to competeOnly to hang me by the weightOf unending desiresSo that it can find a companion:Another human shell,That gave up joy, for all the toil

Climate change

The rain never stoppedWe stood there, parchedUnder the diamond-dripping treesWe thirsted and cravedYet, the Gods only gaveRichest hues, crystal shimmersCrafted under the glazeOf the brilliant, bursting sun raysShowering us with such treasuresThat stabbed our crumbling backs


Sometimes I wrap myself inA gloomy blanket of thoughtsFor what else can I doWhen I cannot shed thisHeaviness of doubt, anxious boutsThat creep into my silenceSmothering me with disdainLike a languorous python;I lay in the darkness,Wondering what I did to gainThis onerous companionCrushing me from the inside

When the words beckon

Analysis of the art of reading Blogger, Tom Johnson, of the I’d Rather be Writing blog recently experimented with reducing his smartphone usage and filled that time with reading. He shares some interesting views in this latest post. I made notes that ended up becoming observations worth sharing. “Queuing up books” – Been there, still … Continue reading “When the words beckon”

Stars in my hair

How do you interpret this piece? Share in the comments and see my view at the end of the post. When the sky stopped moving The stars drizzled down I captured them like a child In cupped palms, while Some entangled in my hair I tied a few with a bonny bow In a hanky … Continue reading “Stars in my hair”

At the edge

It was found at the edgeA scared shadowOf a failed honchoClinging desperatelyTo the last strawBloodied fingersDigging into the rocksFrom where he tripped,Once at the topTrying to scramble backLife and reputation intactShrewdly, he had racedTo the coveted zenithWith place only for oneYet, in the great churnHe forgot the biggest lessonThere can be many a slip Between the … Continue reading “At the edge”

Book Review: Remote, Not Distant

Book: Remote, Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace Author: Gustavo Razzetti Genre: Non-fiction, business Review copy: Reedsy Discovery Available at: Recommended: Must Read The “new normal” became the buzzword in most professional circles during the pandemic years. Today, the “new normal” is the “new world” … Continue reading “Book Review: Remote, Not Distant”


A voice from somewhere askedHow are you feeling today?I realized in that instanceIt had been so long, sinceI had stopped and restedFed the soul, and let goOf all the hustle and bustleThis constant busynessTo be present and focussedThat has left me drained;Until all that remainsIs a feeble noise in my head“There’s still time to mend!”

Paper moon

I think of the moon as made of handmade paper with ink spots, so I wrote an #imagistpoem combining this thought and the common theme of forlorn lovers and the moon. Once a rectangular noteYour love letterNow distorted;A crumpled orbWith corners peekingLike the crescent of aPaper moon waitingTo come full circle


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