It’s all the same

#DarkLines prompt – doorway to the end He did not want to walk throughThe doorway to the endHe held my hands, pleading for timeBut he had to let go!Old man, I whispered, years laterNothing’s changed – still no UtopiaWe have a war, a recessionFalse prophets, greedy menThe plague and climate changeWe haven’t learned – it’s … Continue reading “It’s all the same”


#FromOneLine ☆  Friday Challenge  ☆ I opened my eyesTo the blazing starlightsWrapped in reveries of loveThat once was wild and youngNow succumbed to wordsCreating a yawning cavernWith unbridled harshnessNo bridge to cover the distance;That wayward moment beckonsWith melting goodbyesTo let go of all the gripeFollow the belovedWhere the paths diverted,And in that sleepless nightI heard … Continue reading “Longing”

Hustle culture

#FromOneLine ☆  Friday Challenge  ☆ was an interesting one. My finger hovered over ‘skip intro’Even before I could decideI was swiftly pushed insideThe chaos and the dramaI participated, unsure if I enjoyedThe attention-seeking cacophonyOf false pitches by fake people;Constant hustle to reach the topUntil the ones at the pinnacleThey began slipping offWhen all their lies … Continue reading “Hustle culture”


In the morning solitudeThe frost slowly meltsOn cold glass doorsTouched by the first raysOf a subdued winter sunYou can almost hear it;The crunch of breaking apartAtoms split, dreams departJust pale lonely dropletsSliding down the panelsGently trickling into oblivion!

Another chance at hello

I am back after a hiatus, during which I fulfilled some family obligations, celebrated festivals, and went on a vacation (more on that soon). I started learning Spanish on DuoLingo and am now exploring other sources to build on my interest. My other literary pursuits also slowed down in the past 2 months though I … Continue reading “Another chance at hello”

Book Review: Art

Book: Art Author: Marin Darmonkow (@fontrealbooks) / Twitter Genre: Children’s fiction, Picture book Review copy: Reedsy Discovery Available at: Recommended: Must Read This magical book of inspired art lets you create your own story and give voice to its protagonist. Art, an illustrated book, reminds me of silent movies of yore when only actors’ … Continue reading “Book Review: Art”

How to write

I want to write but how do IIn the cacophony of turmoilThe daily grind refuses to endIn lost tranquility, amidst anxietyThoughts are tangled, jumbledWords lie shattered, untendedUnspoken, crushed, defeatedAt the bottom of the vesselCrumbling like sand, alluring,Yearning, yet to be embracedBy the ocean waves, encasedLingering for a chance to blazeAs treasures that can only elate

Book Review: The Marigold Chemise

Book: The Marigold Chemise Author: Sheryl Westergreen (@SDWeste) / Twitter Genre: Historical fiction, business Review copy: Reedsy Discovery Available at: Recommended: Must Read “The seduction had begun.” I could not resist picking up The Marigold Chemise by Sheryl Westergreen as it gave vibes similar to one of my favorite historical fiction featuring a painting … Continue reading “Book Review: The Marigold Chemise”


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